indoor cricket ball
Tournament Schedule
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
United Cavaliers St. John's Predators
Wolf Pack Canasia Gladiators Knight Riders
Titans Unity Hawks Lions
Game No. Time Ground Team # 1 Team # 2
1 10:00 AM A St. John's Gladiators
2 10:00 AM B United Titans
3 10:45 AM A Cavaliers Unity
4 10:45 AM B Predators Lions
5 11:30 AM A St. John's Hawks
6 12:15 PM A Wolf Pack Titans
7 1:00 AM A Cavaliers Canasia
8 1:45 PM A Gladiators Hawks
9 2:00 PM B Predators Knight Riders
10 2:30 PM A United Wolf Pack
11 2:45 PM B Canasia Unity
12 3:15 PM A Knight Riders Lions
13 4:00 PM A A1 B1 SF1
14 5:00 PM A C1 D1 SF2
15 6:00 PM A Winner SF1 Winner SF2 Final
*Teams are required to be at the playing ground 0.5 hours prior to the scheduled game
*The toss will be held between the two captains 15 mins prior to the game
*The teams will be penalized 1 over every 2 mins the game is delayed and 6 runs will be awarded to the opposing team as well
*In case of a tied standing in the Pool, the winner will be determine by Net Run Rate