indoor cricket ball
• White board » 4 Runs / Net above » 6 Runs.
• Request to wear team clothing (if no uniforms, then whites)
• Indoor ball will be used.
• If ball is stuck or lost or goes out of play » 2 Runs (except 4/6 Runs front net)
• If ball hits the roof/nets and is caught » Not out.
• No run up for bowlers past the designated (White) line.
• If the ball has not left the field of play, batsmen can run any number of desired runs.
• Anything above batsmen’s shoulder is no ball.
• Anything down the leg side is wide ball.
• Off side wide line will be marked.
• 6 balls per over / 1 over maxim.
• Byes / leg byes are all allowed.
• 8 players per team.
• 8 players bat every innings (7 Outs per innings) (batsmen and runner)
• Only 7 Players allowed on field at any given time include wicket keeper.
• Only 2 fielders (maximum) allowed past the bowling crease.
• Normal Cricket Bats (No tape ball bats)
• Umpires decision is final or match referee.

*Rules Subject to Change Without Notice
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