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Advisory Board
Team Coordinator & Match Referee
Match Referee: Sanjeev Kad
Organizing Committee:
Rajesh Angral Charles Dhami Mohd. Pasha
Manzoor Chaudhary Surendra Bhandari

Rajesh Angral: 403-400-0203
Mohd. Pasha: 403-462-6201
Amrit Brar: 403-397-5566
Sanjeev Kad 403-991-5045

Our Vision
To promote the Cricket, Cricketers and Cricket lovers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Our Mission
  • Ascertain consistent progress and success of tournament participated.

  • Make Cricket as a sports to produce healthy and discipline society.

  • Develop a reputable legacy in the community that will remain for generations to come.

  • Contribute to the commercial viability of its members by establishing strategies that will increase participation by the community in the association's brand of indoor sports and recreational activities.
tournament LOCATION

Genesis Field House
Genesis Community Wellness Center
7556 Falconridge Boulevard NE, Calgary